When first arriving at the lake, you will pull into the upper parking lot. If the lot is full, then you may park your vehicle along the road.  It is a short walk down the hill to the beach where the ticket agent will give you a wristband to wear. Handicap parking is allowed at the bottom of the hill with a visible placard.

The daily fee for entry during the week is $4/adult (age 12 and over) and $3/child and $6/adult and $4/child on the weekends; significantly less than any beach in the area. The fee for July 4th is always at the weekend rate. Children 2 & under are free. If you are a corporation on Devens, we have corporate passes available that will allow your employees to visit/use the waterfront during the week. Please contact us for details.

If you would like to rent a boat, the fee schedule is as follows: 

Paddleboat/canoe/kayak/paddleboard - $10/hr, $30/4hr 
Row boat - $15/hr, $50/4hr

Residents of Devens may purchase a season pass through the Recreation Center located at 100 Sherman Avenue.

If you are a non-resident and would like a season pass, you may purchase one through this website.  ORDERING ONLINE IS THE FASTEST/EASIEST WAY TO GET YOUR PASS. The cost is $40/single and $75/family (up to four).  If there are five members in your family, you willl need to purchase both a family and a single season pass.  For families that have between 6-8 members, two family passes will be necessary to cover everyone.

By following the steps below, your pass can be processed within a matter of a few business days.  We use the PayPal payment system which is secure and will allow you to pay by credit card, debit card or directly through your bank account:

Ordering Season Passes Online

Before ordering a pass, please remember that a season pass is designed to lessen the financial burden on those who may use the lake frequently, as well as avoid the need to pay each time you use the lake.  It is not designed as an instrument to be shared with friends, neighbors or anyone whose name is not listed as a registered user.  Although it may save someone else from having to pay a fee, it jeopardizes our abiility to provide low-cost recreation every year.  It also jeopardizes your own season pass, as we reserve the right to require a picture ID in the event we suspect that someone is abusing their priviliges.  Each season pass is numbered and you will risk voiding your pass if it is used by anyone not listed on the pass.

Single Season Pass (one person)   - For a single season pass, click the button below to order your pass and it will be processed within just a few business days. 

Single Season Pass


Family Season Pass  - If you would like a family season pass, we will need the first and last names of anyone over the age of 17 that will be using the pass.  For any children under the age of 17, we will need only their first names and their ages.  One Family Season Pass can include up to four names (this includes the applicant) and the cost is $75 per pass.  If you need a pass for more than four persons, use this form and you will be given the payment options later for purchasing an additional pass(es). Children who are two and under do not need to be listed, as there is no charge.  You may begin the process by filling out the form below:

List the full names of anyone over the age of 17 who will be on the pass

List only the the first names and the age(s) of anyone under the age of 17 who will be on the pass
(not necessary for anyone two years of age of younger)

Enter This Code below*:
Ordering Season Passes by Mail

If you would like to order your pass(es) by mail, you may do so by filling out this form and mailing it to the address below:  

P.O. Box 2235
Acton, MA 01720

Please include a check made out to "Mirror Lake Management Inc."